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bryant-color-photoWelcome to Bryant’s Maritime Consulting.

Dennis L. Bryant retired from the US Coast Guard with the rank of Captain after 27 years active duty.  He served in the icebreaker NORTHWIND for several years including in 1969 when it escorted the tanker MANHATTAN through the Northwest Passage (this was back in the old days, when there was real ice in the Arctic).  He had various tours as a law specialist, including an assignment as the Coast Guard’s Law of the Sea officer.  He also served a tour in the Office of International Affairs and finished his career supervising the staff charged with implementing the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90).  After leaving the Coast Guard, he was with a major maritime law firm for 13 years.  Now he is an independent consultant.  He also speaks at various fora both domestically and internationally.  In his spare time, he publishes a blog on recent maritime developments and writes maritime-related articles. Some of his published papers are listed in his Bibliography. Dennis also is quoted frequently in Articles appearing in the trade press. He may be reached via telephone at 1-352-692-5493 or via email at

    logo11 Rising from the ashes

    In the May 2015 edition of Maritime Reporter and Engineering News, you can find my article entitled "Rising from the ashes". In the article, I discuss the recent demise of Loran-C and the current total reliance on satellite navigation systems such as GPS for positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT). The General Lighthouse Authorities of the UK and Ireland, though, have moved ahead with enhanced Loran (eLoran) as an augmentation of and backup for satnav. Now, the United States is exploring development of its own eLoran system, with the Department of Transportation seeking public comment and a bill introduced in Congress providing for such a system. It is too early to say for sure that the eLoran phoenix has risen from the ashes of Loran-C, but there are certainly signs of life.