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August 4th, 2017 at 11:00 am

Bryant’s Maritime Blog – 4 August 2017


Gulf of Mexico – anhydrous ammonia barge afire;

USCG – Tankerman PIC on towing vessels;

USCG – safety alert re marine communications;

Gulf of Mexico – Margaritaville adrift;

BOEM – Cape Wind Final SEIS;

SLSDC – Advisory Board meeting on 28 August;

Senate – bill introduced re cybersecurity standards;

Court – shipowner duty to intervene;

Australia – NYK fined $25 million;

Australia – ship banned for failure to pay wages;

Ireland – Lusitania engine order telegraph recovered;

Mexico-US – joint pollution response plan;

New Zealand – manslaughter conviction; and

Coast Guard Day.

August 4, 2017

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Gulf of Mexico – anhydrous ammonia barge afire

clip_image004 The US Coast Guard issued a news release stating that an adrift barge with 2,500 tons of anhydrous ammonia and 800 gallons of diesel fuel is on fire near Cat Island in the Gulf of Mexico south of Gulfport, Mississippi. Its tug released the tow when the tug’s crew was unable to extinguish the fire. A safety zone has been established and salvors are en route. The incident is under investigation. (8/3/17) [].

USCG – Tankerman PIC on towing vessels

clip_image004[1] The USCG National Maritime Center (NMC) issued an announcement stating that it is now accepting applications for Tankerman Person in Charge (PIC) Restricted to Fuel Transfers on Towing Vessels. (8/3/17) [].

USCG – safety alert re marine communications

clip_image005 The US Coast Guard issued an alert reminding mariners of the importance of utilization of modern marine telecommunications equipment, such as single side band high frequency (SSB-HF) radios. The Coast Guard keeps watch on the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) SSB-HF frequencies 4125, 6215, 8291 and 12,290 kHz in place of the old international radiotelephone distress frequency 2182 kHz. Safety Alert 08-17 (8/3/17) [].

Gulf of Mexico – Margaritaville adrift

clip_image007 The US Coast Guard issued a news release updating yesterday’s item about a dock and dock house being found adrift in the Gulf of Mexico 180 miles south of Grand Isle, Louisiana. It turns out that the floating dock was originally located behind the Parrot Key Hotel in Key West, but broke loose during a tropical storm with no one aboard. (8/3/17) []. Margaritaville!

BOEM – Cape Wind Final SEIS

clip_image009 The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) issued a notice announcing the availability of the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the Cape Wind Energy Project. 82 Fed. Reg. 36418 (8/4/17) [].

SLSDC – Advisory Board meeting on 28 August

clip_image011 The Advisory Board of the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (SLSDC) will meet via teleconference on 28 August. 82 Fed. Reg. 36525 (8/4/17) [].

Senate – bill introduced re cybersecurity standards

clip_image013 Senator Warner (D-VA) introduced a bill (S. 1691) to provide minimal cybersecurity operational standards for Internet-connected devices purchased by Federal agencies, and for other purposes. Official text of the bill is not yet available, but Senator Warner issued a press release explaining the measure. (8/1/17) []. Note: This item was first brought to my attention by my good friend Louis Le Gendre of International Shipping & Logistics.

Court – shipowner duty to intervene

clip_image015 In an unpublished decision, the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled that a vessel owner and charterer were not negligent as regards the death of a longshoreman when a crane operated by the stevedore was unloading the vessel’s cargo and lowered a metal tray onto plaintiff’s late husband. Defendants had no duty to intervene where there was no evidence of a defect in the vessel or its gear. Dixon v. NYK Reefers, No. 16-16796 (11th Cir., August 3, 2017) [].

Australia – NYK fined $25 million

clip_image017 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) issued a media release stating that Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) has been convicted of criminal conduct and ordered to pay a fine of $25 million for its arrangement or understanding with other shipping lines relating to the transportation of motor vehicles to Australia. (8/3/17) [].

Australia – ship banned for failure to pay wages

clip_image018 The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) issued a media release stating that the bulk carrier Rena has been banned from Australian ports for six months after the ship repeatedly failed to pay outstanding wages and maintain a safe workplace for its crew. (8/3/17) [].

Ireland – Lusitania engine order telegraph recovered

clip_image020 The Irish Department of Culture, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht issued a news release stating that the main engine order telegraph has been recovered from the wreck of the RMS Lusitania off the Irish coast. The ship sank, with a loss of 1,198 lives, on 7 May 1915 after being struck by a torpedo from a German U-boat. The engine order telegraph is reportedly in excellent condition and is undergoing conservation shore. (7/26/17) [].

Mexico-US – joint pollution response plan

clip_image022 clip_image024 The US Coast Guard issued a bulletin stating that a newly revised Mexico-US Joint Contingency Plan (MEXUS) has been signed for coordinating response to pollution incidents that may affect the coastal waters or marine environment of both nations. (8/3/17) [].

New Zealand – manslaughter conviction

clip_image026 Maritime New Zealand issued a media release stating that the skipper of a recreational vessel has been convicted of manslaughter due to the death of a passenger when the boat flipped while crossing the Waitara bar. The skipper failed to ensure that all on board wore lifejackets during this time of heightened risk as required by regulation. (8/3/17) [].

Coast Guard Day

clip_image028 Today, August 4, is the 227th anniversary of the enactment of legislation establishing the Revenue Cutter Service (RCS), the forerunner of today’s US Coast Guard. While nominally intended to enforce the collection of revenue from imported cargoes, the service was engaged in multiple missions from the beginning. Over time, other agencies and functions were merged into it. In 1915, with the merger of the RCS and the Life-Saving Service, the name of the agency was changed to the United States Coast Guard. An illustrious history, a proud present, and an exciting future – Semper Paratus!

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