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November 30th, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Bryant’s Maritime Blog – 30 November 2018


NTSB – container ship breakaway;

DOJ – Port of San Diego hackers indicted;

FMC – open meeting on 7 December;

ANS Task Force – meeting on 12-13 December;

House – hearing on icebreakers and maritime strategy;

GAO – challenges on maintaining US-flag fleet;

GAO – Polar Icebreaker Program key risks;

CRS – icebreaker acquisition; and

Norway – preliminary report re frigate/tanker collision.

November 30, 2018

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NTSB – container ship breakaway

clip_image004 The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued the report of its investigation of the 6 December 2017 incident involving the container ship Helsinki Bridge. At the time, the vessel was moored in the Reserved Channel port side to the Paul W. Conley Container Terminal in Boston, Massachusetts. While the vessel was engaged in cargo operations at night during a period of moderate-to-high winds, a mooring bollard to which five of the vessel’s head lines were secured failed. As a result of the bollard failure, the wind caused the vessel to drift away from the terminal and the remaining nine mooring lines to part. The vessel’s bow then swung across the channel and struck the Raymond L. Flynn Black Falcon Cruise Terminal pier. There were no reports of pollution and no injuries among the 24 crewmembers and 10 longshoremen on board. The damage was estimated at $570,000 for the vessel and $40,500 for both terminals. The probable cause of the breakaway and subsequent allision was the failure of Massachusetts Port Authority to provide suitable berthing arrangements during ongoing construction at the Conley Container Terminal, which resulted in the overloading and failure of a single mooring bollard. Contributing to the accident was the lack of preparation by the vessel’s master, who was aware of the less than suitable mooring arrangements and the deteriorating weather forecast but took no mitigating action to address the situation. MAB 18-26 (11/29/18) [].

DOJ – Port of San Diego hackers indicted

clip_image006 The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a news release stating that two Iranians have been indicted for deploying ransomware to extort hospitals, municipalities, and public institutions (including the Port of San Diego), causing over $30 million in losses. (11/29/18) [].

FMC – open meeting on 7 December

clip_image008 The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) issued a news release stating that the Commissioners will meet in open session on 7 December in Washington, DC. Topics on the open agenda include the final report for Fact Finding No. 28 – Conditions and Practices Relating to Detention, Demurrage, and Free Time in International Oceanborne Commerce; and licensing, financial responsibility requirements, and general duties of ocean transportation intermediaries (ITOs). (11/29/18) [].

ANS Task Force – meeting on 12-13 December

clip_image010 The Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Task Force, sponsored by the Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS), will meet on 12-13 December in Falls Church, Virginia. Topics on the agenda include the draft 2019-2024 ANS Task Force Strategic Plan; the draft 2016-2017 ANS Task Force Report to Congress; and recommendations from the ANS Task Force regional panels. 83 Fed. Reg. 61667 (11/30/18) [].

House – hearing on icebreakers & maritime strategy

clip_image012 The Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure conducted a hearing on the Review of Recent GAO Reports on Icebreaker Acquisition and the Need for a National Maritime Strategy. Testimony was received from RADM Michael J. Haycock, USCG; RADM Mark H. ‘Buz’ Busby, MARAD; Ms. Marie A. Mak, GAO; Mr. Andrew Von Ah, GAO; and Mr. Ronald O’Rourke, CRS. (11/29/18) [].

GAO – challenges re sustaining US-flag fleet

clip_image014 The Government Accountability Office (GAO) posted a report on the Department of Transportation (DOT) strategy to address challenges to sustaining the US-flag fleet of commercial vessels. The challenges include maintaining the financial viability of the US-flag fleet and addressing the potential shortage of US citizen mariners available to support defense needs. It recommends that the DOT complete the national maritime strategy and establish time frames for its issuance. GAO-19-260T (11/29/18) [].

GAO – Polar Icebreaker Program key risks

clip_image015 The Government Accountability Office (GAO) posted a report on key risks to the Polar Icebreaker Program. It recommends that the Coast Guard update its program baselines; conduct a technology readiness assessment; reevaluate its cost estimate; and develop a schedule according to best practices. GAO-19-255T (11/29/18) [].

CRS – icebreaker acquisition

clip_image017 The Congressional Research Service (CRS) posted a statement concerning icebreaker acquisition. It notes that the Coast Guard will require a significant short-term budget increase in order to fund its polar icebreaker acquisition program. 7-5700 (11/29/18) [].

Norway – preliminary report re frigate/tanker collision

clip_image019 The Accident Investigation Branch Norway (AIBN) issued the preliminary report of its investigation concerning the 8 November 2018 collision between the frigate KNM Helge Ingstad and the tanker Sola TS in Hjeltefjorden. This report is factual and makes no determination of probable cause, but does include to interim safety recommendations. Report 18-968 (11/29/18) [].

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