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This site is intended to familiarize the reader with issues of significance to legislators and regulators and explain how they might impact the maritime community.  Most of the time, new developments are presnted in a straight-forward manner.  Sometimes, though, I will include my own perspective on an issue.  My perspective is just that – my own.  I welcome comment on the various topics presented – whether in support or disagreement.

    logo11 Slow walking the inspection of towing vessels

    In the July 2016 edition of Maritime Reporter and Engineering News, you can find my article entitled "Slow walking the inspection of towing vessels". In the article, I discuss the US Coast Guard's recent rulemaking on the inspection of towing vessels - Subchapter M. The article points out that, while the regulations have technically entered into effect, many of their provisions will not become applicable until a future date. For example, the requirement for each covered towing vessel to have a valid certificate of inspection (COI) will be phased in over the next six years.