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This site is intended to familiarize the reader with issues of significance to legislators and regulators and explain how they might impact the maritime community.  Most of the time, new developments are presnted in a straight-forward manner.  Sometimes, though, I will include my own perspective on an issue.  My perspective is just that – my own.  I welcome comment on the various topics presented – whether in support or disagreement.

    logo11 Salvage and marine firefighting verification

    In the January 2017 edition of Maritime Reporter and Engineering News, you can find my article entitled "Salvage and marine firefighting verification". At the end of 2008, the US Coast Guard finally adopted its salvage and marine firefighting (SMFF) regulations, which have proven to be unnecessarily complicated. Those regulations, which now cover large nontank vessels in addition to tank vessels, place the burden for determining the adequacy of SMFF assets on the vessel owners and operators - an evaluation that they have no capability to accomplish. The Coast Guard is now undertaking a drill program to test and verify the ability of selected vessels and their SMFF resource providers to meet the regulatory requirements. A strong SMFF presence is important to the proper protection of the marine environment.